49 Top Trekking Agencies in Nepal

Welcome to 49 Top Trekking Agencies in Nepal.

This page enlists the 49 top trekking agencies/companies working in Nepal. These top trekking operators offer you their best trekking information and services at the affordable cost.

These are the best adventure trekking agencies to make your trekking holidays in Nepal easy and happening. Most of them also offer their best services for holiday packages in Tibet, Bhutan and India. It gives you the best opportunity to choose and get the essential information at your few clicks. You don\\\'t need to google more than enough to search the top and the best trekking agents and services in Nepal.

We are thankful for our trekking agencies for supporting us and provide their trekking info link on this platform. We hope that this 49 Top Trekking Agencies in Nepal page will be the best place to connect you with the best trekking agencies in Nepal. Make your dream to trek in the country of the Himalayas come true with us.

Nepal Trekking in Himalayas Pvt Ltd.

Phone: +977 01 4385008

Email: info@nepaltrekking.com

Url: www.nepaltrekking.com/

Introduction: Nepal Trekking is an adventure travel company solely is a private owned Trekking, mountaineering & Expedition Company which is fully approved and license holder under Ministry of Tourism, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Agency

Team Ram Adventure Pvt Ltd

Phone: +9779851125603

Email: info@teamramadventure.com

Url: www.teamramadventure.com/

Introduction: Team Ram Adventure is one of the leading travel agencies based in the Himalayan country of Nepal. We provide our expertise in the field of extreme adventure such as trekking, climbing, expeditions, mountain biking and many more

Trekking in Himalayas

Sole Encounters Trekking

Phone: +9779841713600

Email: info@soleencounterstrek.com

Url: www.soleencounterstrek.com

Introduction: Sole Encounters Nepal, the precise area in which huge-global vacationers can be a part of in for exceptional Himalayan vacations with Nepal together with neighboring international locations Bhutan-Tibet and India

Trekking in Himalayas with Sole Encounters

Snowy Dream World Treks and Expeditions Pvt.Ltd.

Phone: +977-9851110179

Email: info@snowydreamworld.com

Url: www.snowydreamworld.com

Introduction: Snowy Dream world Treks & Expeditions is a authorized private Trekking organization from Nepal government and Nepal tourism Board and establish with the team who have long experience in the field of climbing, Expeditions and Tour operation.

Trekking Agency in Nepal

Mountain Magic Treks Pvt Ltd

Phone: 9843601808

Email: mountainmagictrek@gmail.com

Url: www.mountainmagictreks.com

Introduction: Mountain Magic Treks is a trekking company established with a team of professional guides and qualified staffs who have been in tourism industry for more than a decade. Mountain Magic Treks offers wide range of trekking and tour packages

Nepal Trekking Agency - Mountain Magic Treks

Rad Global Adventure Pvt Ltd

Phone: +9779818264758

Email: Info@radglobaladventure.com

Url: www.radglobaladventure.com/

Introduction: We are Government Registered Trekking Company in Nepal. We Provide Trekking,Tours, Peak Climbing, Hotel Booking, Paragliding, Porter and Guide in Nepal with Our Wide Knowledge, Experience in Nepal Himalayas.

Adventure Trek in Himalayas with Rad Global Adventure

Life Dream Adventure

Phone: +9779841480794

Email: info@lifedreamadventure.com

Url: http://www.lifedreamadventure.com

Introduction: Life Dream Adventure operates trekking, tours, hiking in Nepal Himalaya. Best trekking agency in Kathmandu Nepal offers best trekking packages in the Himalayas.

Trekking in Nepal, Mountain Expeditions

Landmark Discovery Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +977-9841680621

Email: landmarkdiscoverytrek@gmail.com

Url: http://www.landmarkdiscoverytreks.com

Introduction: Landmark Discovery Treks is a post-earthquake trekking company in Nepal. Contact us for all Nepal trekking packages in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, etc.

Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

Nepal Horizon Treks & Expedition

Phone: 977 - 01 - 4260788

Email: info@nepalhorizontreks.com

Url: www.nepalhorizontreks.com

Introduction: Nepal Horizon Treks & Expedition is dedicated to offer you the best trekking, tour and expedition services in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan.

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek, EBC Heli Trek
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Nepal Himalayan Sherpa Adventure

Phone: 9861001937

Email: nepalhimalayanadventure@gmail.com

Url: http://www.nepaltrekkinginhimalaya.com

Introduction: Nepal Trekking in Himalaya and climbing the Himalaya with local experts SHERPA Professional Trekking Guide in Nepal !!! Nepal Himalayan Sherpa Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is legally registered one of the leading Best Trekking Agency in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking in Himalaya, Best Trekking Company in Nepal


Phone: +977-1 4700040

Email: info@happylandtreks.com

Url: http://www.happylandtreks.com

Introduction: Discover the authenticity of Nepal and the Himalayas with Happyland Treks. We offer a variety of treks at a competitive and affordable price. Our local knowledge and years of experience will ensure that your trek will be as spectacular as possible,

Best Trekking Company in Nepal

Life Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +977-9851214176

Email: info@lifehimalayatrekking.com

Url: www.lifehimalayatrekking.com

Introduction: Life Himalaya Trekking is the newly established trekking agency organized by one of the experienced professional of the tourism field of Nepal.

Trekking and Climbing in Nepal

Himalayan Nepal Trek Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +977 9841405095

Email: info@himalayannepaltrek.com

Url: www.himalayannepaltrek.com

Introduction: Himalayan Nepal trek is one of the emerging trekking agencies in Nepal operated under the supervision of Mr. Gopal Shrestha. Contact for Nepal Trekking, Tours, Hiking, Peak Climbing and Expeditions Packages at best price.

Nepal Trekking, Tour, Peak Climbing & Expedition Company

Four Season Mountain Trek

Phone: 977 - 9851073354

Email: 4seasontreks@gmail.com

Url: http://www.4seasontrek.com/dhaulagiri-circuit-trek.html

Introduction: 4 Season trek is registered trekking company in Nepal and best for arranging Full camping trekking, Half camping trekking, Guide and Porter service for trekking in Everest, Annapurna, Langtang region

Best Trekking Agency for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking | Tilman Pass Trek | Everest Base Camp Trek

Tramping Himalaya

Phone: +977-9851151791

Email: trampinghimalaya@gmail.com

Url: www.trampinghimalaya.com

Introduction: Tramping Himalaya Adventures a reputed, rising native company of Nepal, leading wide world travelers around exotic Himalayan destinations with enjoyable and mesmerizing holidays over the past years till present. Best Treks in Nepal

Best Trekking Agency in Nepal
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High Pass Adventure Pvt Ltd

Phone: +9779841142217

Email: info@highpassadventure.com

Url: http://www.highpassadventure.com/

Introduction: The best trekking agency, High Pass Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is an established trekking company with the aim of being the premier travel, trek and Tour Company in Nepal

Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

Mountain Eco Treks Pvt Ltd

Phone: +9779803926665

Email: info@mountainecotreks.com

Url: www.mountainecotreks.com

Introduction: Mountain Eco Treks is one of the best trekking agency in Nepal, started by experienced trekking leaders working in reputed national and international agencies. The team has more than 15 years of trekking experience in both Nepal and Tibet.

Best Trekking Agency in Nepal

Expedition Himalaya Dot Com Pvt Ltd

Phone: +97714002247

Email: info@expeditionhimalaya.com

Url: www.expeditionhimalaya.com

Introduction: Expedition Himalaya, a veteran of Mount Everest and Himalayan expeditions, are poised to make climbing the Himalayan range a safe and unforgettable experience.

Best Trekking & Climbing Agency

Mission Eco Trek

Phone: 977-1-4442922

Email: info@missionecotrek.com

Url: http://www.missionecotrek.com/

Introduction: Mission Eco Trek is the best adventure popular trekking agency in Nepal. This agency operates trekking,hiking,climbng, jungle safari, home stay,rafting, paraglading, Bundjee jumping and many more trips with professional team and affordable price.

Trekking Agency in Nepal
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Adventure Vision Treks and Travels Pvt Ltd

Phone: 9851085972

Email: adventurevisiontreks@gmail.com

Url: http://www.adventurevisiontreks.com

Introduction: Adventure Vision trek, travel and tours is one of the popular and leading trekking company of Nepal. We are here to serve our customers and meet there satisfaction.

Best Nepal Trekking Company

Om Holidays Tour & Trek

Phone: 977-9851091543

Email: omholidaystour@gmail.com

Url: http://www.omholidaystour.com/

Introduction: Om Holidays Tour & Treks is a government registered trek and tour operating company dedicated to delivering memorable, personal and unique journeys for visitors from all over the world. We are based in Thamel, the major touristic gateway in Nepal

Om Holidays - Tour, Travel and Trekking in Nepal
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Himalaya Trekking Team

Phone: +9779818833712, 9841228538

Email: himalayatrekkingteam2010@gmail.com

Url: www.himalayatrekkingteam.com

Introduction: The Himalaya Trekking Team is an authentic and reliable trekking agency established by experienced Guides and Porters in 2010.All of the team members are very familiar with the nature and culture of Nepal. We strive to instill respect for our country

Himalaya Trekking Team

HImalaya Trekking Team Pvt. Ltd

Phone: +9779860177528

Email: info@himalayatrekkingteam.com

Url: http://www.himalayatrekkingteam.com/

Introduction: The Himalaya Trekking Team is an authentic and reliable trekking agency established by experienced Guides and Porters in 2010. All of the team members are very familiar with the nature and culture of Nepal. We strive to instill respect for our countr

Trekking in Nepal | Himalaya Trekking Team Pvt. Ltd

Info Nepal Treks and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +9779841396817

Email: infonepaltreks@gmail.com

Url: www.infonepaltrekking.com/

Introduction: Best trekking agency in Nepal operate private and group joining trekking in the Himalayas. Everest, Annapurna, Langtang and Manaslu trekking package in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking

Awesome Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +977-9851056318

Email: info@awesomenepaltreks.com

Url: www.awesomenepaltreks.com

Introduction: Awesome Nepal Treks Pvt Ltd is new trekking agency lead by a experience trekking guide in Kathmandu. The company offers best trekking package in the Himalayas. The company is top rates in TripAdvisor and other social medias. Just contact for trekking

Best Trekking Company in Kathmandu

magic expedition and tour Pvt.Ltd

Phone: 9851066279

Email: magicexpeditiontour@gmail.com

Url: http://www.magicexpeditiontravel.com/

Introduction: Magic Expedition and Tour Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal. The trekking company is approved by the Government and all the relevant ministries (Culture, Tourism and Civil aviation). We offer best trekking agency in nepal

Nice Trekking agency in Nepal

Mission Eco Trek

Phone: 014442922

Email: missionecot@gmail.com

Url: www.missionecotrek.com

Introduction: Mission Eco Trek is the best trekking tour operator company in Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Package to Everest, Annapurna, Langtang-Booking Open in 2018
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Visit Himalaya Treks Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: 977-1-4007506

Email: visithimalaya0@gmail.com

Url: //www.visithimalayastrek.com/

Introduction: Trekking, Tours, Peak Climbing And Adventure Holidays in Nepal with Visit Himalaya Treks is exciting experience you will ever have during your Holiday in Nepal. Visit Himalaya Treks is a leading trekking and tour company in Nepal.

Trekking and Tours Holidays in Nepal

Nepal Hiking Trek

Phone: +977 14382770

Email: nepalhikingtrek@gmail.com

Url: http://www.nepalhikingtrek.com/

Introduction: Travelers across the globe welcome to this Land of Himalayan Mountains. The experienced and highly enthusiastic trekking guides and exquisite trekking and tour itineraries proves Nepal Hiking Trek as the responsible trekking agency of Nepal. Witness

Himalayan Adventure Intl Treks & Expedition Pvt Ltd

Phone: +977-9849674919

Email: info@himalayanadventureintl.com

Url: www.himalayanadventureintl.com

Introduction: Himalayan Adventure International Treks and Expedition operates trekking, tour, hiking, peak climbing and rafting in Nepal. Enjoy your Nepal tour with best trekking company in Kathmandu, Nepal. Join us for Himalayan trekking tours

Best Trekking Company in Nepal

BOLD Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

Phone: +977 984 160 0441

Email: boldadventuresnepal@gmail.com

Url: http://www.boldadventuresnepal.com/

Introduction: BOLD Adventures contributes to local communities and supports small businesses, and operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Travel and Trekking Agency in Nepal
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